Thursday, May 4, 2017


Hi lovely readers,
I hope this message meets all my readers with warmth and love...Always.

So for my 27th birthday I decided to gather some of my favourite ladies in one setting and absorb everything good and inspirational. It's insane how life throws you in so many situations and your circle changes and expands or doesn't. My 20s have been a serious whirlwind of emotions and growth, and one thing that has clearly been a battle for me is losing friends. It took me some time but after 25 I realised that I had finally met people who really are better for me and therefore I understood why I had to lose people.  I hope. With age comes understanding but that requires pain. 

I prefer a collective look for the events I put together with my sisters. I decided to pick a group of colours instead of only one; more options.

Great thing with modest fashion is that you can group a couple of non modest items with your modest items to create the look you need. These pieces can be found in your high street stores, and with your own style you can create the most chic modest look.

When I create a look I usually have a focal point and then everything compliments that. My focal point for this outfit was the Maxi Cape Jacket. It's a strong statement piece which would need everything else to be subtle. I put a Midi length dress underneath the jacket. Kept accessories minimal, even the bag was not overpowering in size just colour. Pointy toe heels are always classy and extremely chic.

Turban/Hijab - Inayah
Cape Jacket - Lavish Alice
Dress - Zara
Heels - Zara
Bag - Zara

Monday, January 2, 2017

Traditional Attire Outfit Details

Wearing Somali Traditional wedding attire called a Dirac, I chose this design because I absolutely love floral prints and this was so BOLD.

Oversized Pearls: Primark
Floral studs/Earrings: Primark
Statement necklace: h&m
Clutch: TARB (
Black Maxi Hijab
Lipstick: MAC RubyWoo
Black velvet heels: River-island

How to Survive the first year of motherhood

Hi loves,
I decided to fuse my Fashion & Mummy life into one fabulous educational blog...or at least try...

So the first year of motherhood is absolutely incredible, I mean theres nothing like it and I wouldn't trade it for the world but it is also exhausting, terrifying and a HUGE learning experience. This mind blowing experience is such a huge adjustment on a new mother and her partner that its believed that 80% of women experience either baby blues or postpartum depression. I am a true believer that it takes a village to raise a child, from the shift in your sleep patterns, to hormonal changes happening inside of the mum, dealing with the effects of pregnancy on your body, you require a network of positive helpful people. So with that said...

1) Accept HELP

Learn to let go of that nagging feeling inside of you that refuses you to accept help. Whether its from the grandparents/aunties/uncles/friends or just your partner. A bath can do wonders, prepare for your special time by changing your baby & feeding your baby and then WALK AWAY. Get some downtime in your day and go for a walk with your partner, or read a book/magazine, grab some lunch with a friend. Preserve you and the core things that make you smile. Your baby requires you to be emotionally, mentally and physically balanced to grow and be remarkable in this world. Don't lose or forget you...

2) You have no CONTROL:

Having a baby was probably the kick up the butt that I needed to FULLY understand that, I mean something as small as a photoshoot and your baby just won't settle. You can find yourself trying to create these perfect scenarios that you probably see on TV or magazines, or the absolutely perfect Instagram moms. No let go and find peace in your reality. If you're in the supermarket and baby is crying, smile and comfort your child, do not shy away from day to day activities.

3) SAY what you feel:

Yes as an incredible woman that was a living vessel for another being I struggle to talk my problems or solutions out, but having a baby puts you in a position where you need to communicate better on a whole different level, esp with everyone around you because your on a baby time. At first when meeting my friends I would struggle to say "I'm scared going that far out on public transport with a baby that lives off my breastmilk" or "is the restaurant baby friendly" because I did not want to inconvenience everyone around me or saying to my husband in the first week "I don't want to talk to anyone on the phone, I just want to be in this moment & exhale". I think my husband and I communicate better since we had a baby because you just don't have time to beat around the bush before the next tantrum or before she's up and wants all the attention, def a blessing in disguise.

4) Go out & meet other babies/MOMS:

It is so important to one GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and it is also important to allow your baby to see and play with other babies. Most baby groups allow new borns & it is just some time for you to spend with other mothers, finding out how normal you really are LOL. I enjoyed meeting a lot of first time moms & getting advise. Plus my daughter has so much fun that the ride back home she's fast asleep.

5) DON'T compare:

Do yourself a favour and do not think that your child will have teeth, walk, eat vegetables and be a bookworm like said children. NO, let him/her grow in their own time and ENJOY the ride BECAUSE before you know it the moment is gone. All babies develop differently, there is no said exact timeline for when your baby should be walking, talking saying mama. NO don't be cruel to yourself or your baby. Sit tight and watch them blossom

6) No such thing as PERFECT:

I learnt that my baby has no idea what perfect is and that whatever i'm doing is exactly what she wants & needs because its filled with love, care and absolute dedication. Lastly believe in the choices you make, yes accept advise & listen to experiences because this is a learning curve for you & baby. BUT do not be bullied into certain ideals, like co-sleeping is bad or a working mom is neglectful. NO stick to your choices and believe that its truly the right decision for you and your family.

With LOVE Always,
Fahima. A

Saturday, November 12, 2016

For The Fashionable Mom

For the Fashionable Mom

Fahima Abdul

Interesting how often what you think will be the easiest transition, is possibly the hardest. Once I found out that I was expecting, I was extremely excited.
Many of us have great expectations, especially when it comes to ourselves. Pregnancy and childbirth would redefine a lot of those expectations for me.
For one, I thought I would be able to bounce back into my regular self & flow of things pretty fast, I mean you have the baby and your normal again…right?
Having a baby takes A LOT out of you, emotionally, mentally and physically. It feels as if you are starving of yourself and then begins the slow process of healing, but along with that comes sleep deprivation, latching on issues and colic. So again the healing doesn’t come single handed, it is presented with motherhood beginnings.
Fahima Abdul
One of the most challenging parts for me was getting back into my regular routine in how I present myself..I have never been the sweatpants kind of girl. I enjoy playing around with colours, textures and prints. I would go as far as saying that it is a crucial part of who I am but having a baby and breastfeeding exclusively made that harder. Often you find yourself in the easy quick outfits but they do not make you confident or happy. Contrary to popular belief how you feel about your body after childbirth is important, and coming from a styling background I know how wearing the right clothing vs the wrong clothing can influence body image issues.
So the first time I hit this realization that I had not been doing myself any justice and had became okay with feeling sluggish and very bluh about my body was a couple of weeks before my sweet friends bridal shower. I struggled more than ever to find a dressy outfit because I had surrounded myself in dreary clothing. So i’m here to rescue you with a few fashionable motherhood tricks I have found to work best for me.
  1. Oversized Dusters
Fahima AbdulFahima Abdul
Duster jackets/coats are a great way to add colour and elegance to a very simple outfit. They are perfect for spring/fall weather because they are a light Out-wear option. Your outfit could be as simple as a basic top and some leggings. I find dusters to be very slimming especially when left open to drape over whatever ensemble you think appropriate for your day. Dusters can be found on ASOS & Boohoo.
  1.  Shirt Dresses
Fahima AbdulFahima Abdul
I am a sucker for shirt dresses especially if you’re looking for a modest ultimative to a shirt. I think they are perfect for breastfeeding moms on the go and when paired with leather trousers, leggings or jeggings etc they still provide a fashionable but functional option. Shirt dresses can be found on ASOSH&M & Topshop.
  1. Palazzo/ Wide leg Pants.
Fahima Abdul
I find these a great option if you’re looking for comfort and style. You can tuck in a nice loose T-shirt and then pair it with a oversized shirt of your choice. Quick and effortless. This will take you no longer that 10/15mins to put together & allow you to spend more time on your mummy duties. ASOSZara & Mango do a great range of wide leg pants especially in cotton.
  1. Checked Button down shirts.
Fahima Abdul
I LOVE checked shirts right now, I mean this is self explanatory. Add a choker, oversized denim or leather jacket, leggings & your fierce comfortable boots and you are on your way to being the rockstar mom you’ve always dreamed of. ZaraH&M and Topshop have a great selection of checked or buttoned down shirts.
Fahima Abdul
I think this is the best tip to end the post, carrying your fave lipstick is the best way to accessorize any cute outfit.
Love Always,
Fahima Abdul

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Absence

Peace & Blessings Beautiful People,

Last time I actually did a post was mid 2015 which is absolutely crazy to me because it doesn't feel that long ago and that is probably because I am still active on my instagram page (FABHIMA).

So here is a quick catchup on where and what have I been doing, I took a lovely long break because I had to deal with my ever blooming bump and body and MORNING SICKNESS which happened the entire pregnancy. I then went onto having the baby and that was a huge and welcomed adjustment which made me want to stop time and marvel in the blessings I was given...and I did...and now I am back kinda lol.

The last time I styled a Fashion event was August 2015 on behalf of CMB by Hakeemah ( I was afforded the opportunity to go to Toronto for IMFDF and style a range of amazing clothing from various different designers. It was probably my most fave moment in styling because the event was done at such a high standard and had the most helpful staff members especially being close to 6 months pregnant. I also had the most incredible assistant who really got me through the event in my pretty high heels. You can go to Hakeemah Cummings page for further details and also view the latest IMFDF event that she went and represented at. Below are a few pictures of the styling work I did on behalf of CMB in 2015 at the IMFDF show.

After I headed back to London and landed a pretty awesome job, for those that know me I have BSC Psychology Degree and have wanted to work with children in the educational sector. So I was now being trained as an ABA tutor at Rainbow School (Beyond Autism), which is a school that provides children diagnosed with Autism with the best education and life skills, as well as allowing them to form amazing friendships and bonds. Please do research and support the school if you know of any child with Autism ABA might be a great fit. It is also filled with the most dedicated staff and incredible little humans who will bring you absolute joy. It was an incredible experience that I treasure the memories and hope to return to further in ABA. Below is a picture of some of the phenomenal people I had the pleasure of working beside.

After my journey at Rainbow School I had 2 months left to prepare for my beautiful daughter and to be honest I was pretty much struggling to walk, sleep, eat and breath. It was difficult and that was why I took a early pause from work and social media. I was no longer the cute little bump lady and it was incredible to see how much I had bloomed. So late evening on the 25th of December I was finally in Labour and welcomed my daughter in the early morning of the 26th. She was exactly a week overdue and was by far exceptional. I then decided to really just enjoy motherhood and spend time exploring this addition to my life. I strongly stand by that decision. So I should be back with regular fashion posts from November 2016, with a hint of motherhood. 

Love, Fab

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Style In Focus: Fahima


Having been born in East Africa and raised in London, everything about me has been a collaboration of my roots and my surroundings. With age I’ve learnt to identify my style and my presence as a “rose in constant bloom”, now fully evolved into FABHIMA. At 24, a Psychology graduate who has migrated to the USA, I feel as if I’m more than a girl with good taste in clothing, but a living, walking canvas, painting my faith, feelings, and experiences using clothes & personal style.


2014 was probably the year that awakened my dreams, they were ever present but only after experiencing my styling showcases at “Rahma on the Runway” and “DCFW (DC Fashion Week)” and hearing the feedback did it feel like it was possible for me to achieve it. Before both events I would have convinced you and I this was a hobby; but since then I’ve accepted this as part of my being. Interestingly enough my mother has always encouraged me to do Fashion on the side of whatever I was doing in my life at that time. I think her belief that I’m actually qualified at this is a most definite confirmation. I love that woman.


I guess now you’re wondering what my actual goals are in life. In the short term I’m taking steps toward styling and personal shopping, and my long term goal I pray, is somewhere in design. I’m constantly designing clothes or altering clothes I’ve already bought. Aside from Fashion, I really want to work with abused women and children; that would be such a pleasure to be part of. With my degree in psychology I’m still unsure of how I want that to manifest into my goals, I think this coming year is going to lead me in the right direction as far as that’s concerned. All in all, I want to be very well rounded kind, giving Muslim woman, and I think in this day and age it’s possible for me to have more than one dream. I don’t want to contain my soul, especially when there is so much to an individual. I love the idea that there’s so much more to me.

Most of my hobbies begin in or around some form of writing and literature, I keep a journal, I write poetry and I am constantly reading; I live in my books, figuratively speaking. I’m a traveler, so I have this ache to be somewhere other than where I am quite often. In London, I had an obsession for experiencing different coffee and tea places; as much as I love to travel the world I love to taste it too. Lastly, I love to spend time with my friends; in particular we love attending art galleries & music festivals.

Monday, February 9, 2015

My Grammy FAVS 2015

Hello lovelies,

I HONESTLY only watch the Grammys for the red carpet, the costumes on stage and performances. So I'm going to share some of my Favourites and tell you why I'm in love with these looks.
I absolutely thought that Kim Kardashian looked like a QUEEN. I love Hollywood glam and I really felt that this look reminded me of that with just a fresh outtake. Whoever styled her, did her right, keeping the makeup very simple and the hair very modern and allowing the DRESS to speak and conquer the runway. I LOVED THIS.

I heard very little about Ciara look and couldn't have been more shocked that she wasn't the talk of the night. Her dress had movement and it fit her body so well, regardless of all that fabric it really made a statement, even in black. once again it felt like the theme of the Grammys was drama and I really enjoyed some of those looks. I love her hair slicked back and her makeup fresh and simple.

Okay so I'm not a Taylor Swift fan but I adored her look, especially with the different colored shoes and her makeup and hair. Although the color of the dress isn't my favorite, the design would defiantly be something I'd wear.

Last but not least, I LOVED RIRI look, yes it over exaggerated, yes a lot of pink, yes a lot of fabric but THIS IS THE GRAMMYS, why not?!?!? I feel as if this lady can pull anything and everything off. She was my Cinderella for the night. When I saw her that's exactly who I thought of, going to the ball. Once again I really appreciate the simplicity of her styling, this could have easily been too much on the eye but she was styled correctly.
let me know your favourites and if you agree or disagree with my choices. Enjoy